Sponsorship and Advertising

Would you like to support the Echoes of Athens program? We want to give back to the community what the original Echoes of Athens provided - great news, entertainment, and music for a growing Greek community that spans the continents! Your contributions will help us pay for operational costs, hosting fees, guest interviews, and future enhancements to the show. Listed below are our rates for personal support, sponsoship and advertising. (Rates and descriptions of advertisement are subject to change on an "as needed" basis, so please make sure you visit often to insure accuracy.)


We thank you again for allowing Echoes of Athens to be reborn!

Tiers of Support

Tier 1 - $25

:30 second ad time to mention your business name, location, slogan, and description of your business.


Tier 2 - $50

Everything Tier 1 offers plus we'll also feature your business logo and links to your website on our website's home page for the whole week.


Tier 3 - $100

Everything Tier 1 & 2 offers plus Facebook and Twitter mentions once a day for the whole week.


Tier 4 - $200

Everything Tier 1 - 4 offers but we interview your business on the show for 2 minutes so you can showcase your services.


Tier 5 - $500

Everything Tier 1 - 4 offer but we also feature you on YouTube for 2 minutes.


Monthly Sponsorship - $1500

You get a lot of bragging rights with this package. This includes Tier 5 but a 3 minute YouTube video interview on your business and your business logo throughout our website FOR 4 SHOWS!


If you would like longer sponsorships or have other questions, please contact us at your convenience.

Sponsorship Package